We want you to have the time of your life at AMF, and that means being safe, responsible, and respectful to yourself and others. After all, you’re the ones who make this experience so special.


It’s easy to get separated at festivals. Know where your friends are, set up meeting points, and stick together—two or three brains are better than one! If you think a new or old friend needs help, ask our friendly staff to assist, and always leave the show with everyone in your crew.


Although the roof of the Johan Cruijff ArenA will be closed during the event, please bear in mind that the venue is not completely indoors, neither is it equipped with central heating. Make sure you dress appropriately. Please always wear layers, so you can take something off when it warms up or put something on when it’s getting colder. Wear comfortable, breathable clothes that make you feel good. Comfortable sneakers are the best way to go, especially if you’re planning to tear up the dancefloor.


A-Team is a family of team members dedicated to helping AMF ravers stay happy, healthy, hydrated and informed! You can spot their signature white shirts as they make their way through all areas of the festival. Please approach any of them if you want assistance or simply need a friend! We strongly believe in the beauty and power of helping others, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a safe, memorable experience.


Throughout the AMF grounds, you’ll find teams of friendly medical practitioners ready to care for your every need—free of charge, no questions asked. If you’re lightheaded or nauseated or have too many blisters from dancing the night away, please visit one of our first aid stations. Or feel free to flag down one of the many A-Team officers roaming throughout the venue. These heroic people stay on their feet for the entirety of every event to keep a watchful, caring eye on you!


AMF is an amazing adventure; you can enjoy the show without alcohol or illegal narcotics. If you’re under 18, you can’t drink. If you’re of legal age, be smart about how much you consume. More booze does not equal more fun, and alcohol is not a beverage to rehydrate with. It’s important to remember that your body weight and height will factor into how much alcohol is safe to consume. AMF enforces a zero-tolerance drug policy. Don’t be the person that ends up getting escorted out of the venue! Keep the weekend great for yourself, your friends, and your fellow Headliners.

If you suspect that someone is suffering from a medical issue or potential drug overdose, seek immediate attention at one of the clearly marked medical stations, or find an event staff member. Remember, you will not get in trouble for seeking medical help!


Enjoying festival life to the fullest but ending up with a buzz or ring in your ears? This is an indication of hearing damaging. At festivals and concerts, you can suffer permanent hearing damage within just 5 minutes. With special music earplugs from Alpine, you protect your hearing while still being able to hear the music and your friends perfectly. As the earplugs are barely visible, very comfortable and 100 times reusable, there is no reason not to wear them. Protect your ears and enjoy your favorite music today and in the future. Alpine earplugs will be available during AMF Festival.

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