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Afrojack '16

Performed at:


T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Sunday - October 23


Name: Nick van de Wall

Born: 9 September 1987

Nationality: Dutch


Since playing the piano at the age of 5, and DJing by age 14, Nick van de Wall has been musical his entire life. A well-respected musician not only the electronic dance world, but the pop music world as well. Afrojack has remixed some of the biggest names in music and has also collaborated with a good share of the dance community. His debut album “Forget The World”, was released in 2014, and really put his name on the map. Afrojack is a key player at some of the biggest dance music events around the world.


Afrojack started and runs his own record label titled, Wall Recordings. The label is responsible for acts such as: Alvaro, Shermanology and Sidney Samson.



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