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T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Sunday - October 23


Name: Christopher van den Hoef + Alexandre van den Hoef

Born: 1 January 1990 + 17 October 1991

Nationality: Canadian


These two Canadian brothers saw their rise to fame come quickly after their chart topper anthem with Borgeous, “Tsunami” in 2013. That year, they also joined Adventure Club as direct support for their fall/winter tour, and gained some serious momentum after that. Seeing the birth names of these two, raises some thoughts about their heritage, and perhaps the fact that their family is from the Netherlands, is why they’re so good at DJing! Talent is in the water here, isn’t it?


Since then, the brothers have been travelling the world, sharing their music and playing alongside some of the biggest names in dance music. They themselves have started to become one of the biggest names in dance music! We can’t wait to see them take over AMF 2016!



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