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FeestDJRuud '16

Performed at:


AMF Presents SLAM! Mixmarathon - Ziggo Dome - October 22


Name: Ruud Geurts

Born: 28 April 1986

Nationality: Dutch


This party maniac is well known for coming on stage with air horns, confetti canons, inflatable animals, boats and any other available prop. Having worked his way up by playing many festivals in the Netherlands, FeestDJRuud takes music equally serious as atmosphere. There’s no way you won’t be moving when this fella is on stage!


Ask him about his musical guilty pleasure and he will tell you all about Barry White! FeestDJRuud, who started out performing as DJ NudyRudy, will take an early DJ retirement at age 30 by the end of this year. His final concert will be in December, but not before he turns the Ziggo Dome upside down one more time!



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