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Knife Party '16

Performed at:


AMF: Hardwell Presents Revealed - Heineken Music Hall - October 20


Name: Gareth McGrillen + Rob Swire
Born: 16 October 1981 + 5 November 1982
Nationality: Australian


Knife Party is a side project featuring the two founding members of Perth, Australia's long-running drum'n'bass act Pendulum, eventually turning into their main project. Pendulum is still one of the most respected and well-established names in electronic music, which instantly gave credibility to Knife Party. The duo immediately released an EP, “100% No Modern Talking” as a free download from their website, and started heavily influencing the direction dance music was taking.


As members of a group who have influenced dance music so greatly in the past, we can’t wait to experience a performance from Knife Party at AMF 2016!



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