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Kungs '16

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AMF Presents SLAM! Mixmarathon - Ziggo Dome - October 22


Name: Valentin Brunel

Born: 17 December 1996

Nationality: French


Kungs started his musical career at the age of 5 when his parents gifted him with a djembe. From these early days, Kungs would spend entire afternoons with his father listening to Rock ’n Roll classics. These early stages are what laid the base for Kungs’ impressive musical career.


Discovering a passion for electronic music in his teenage years, Kungs became infused with interest in melodic sounds and always incorporated dominant vocals. By the age of 17 his interests had evolved and creating melodies using his own instruments became a passion.


After a few unofficial remixes, the official requests came flowing in. From Axwell ^ Ingrosso to Lost Frequencies, Kungs quickly became a key remixer for producers around the globe. This young gun is sure to impress the night SLAM! FM takes over the Ziggo Dome! Welcome to AMF, Kungs!



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