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MC Iceman '16

Performed at:


AMF Presents SLAM! Mixmarathon - Ziggo Dome - October 22


Name: Raoul Beyde

Born: 25 October 1981

Nationality: Dutch


This man wins the award for biggest smile any time! MC Iceman is a host that never stops dancing, loves interacting with the crowd and makes every show just that little bit more special. Having been on stage with names like Hardwell, Gregor Salto and Bingo Players, this man knows his way around the EDM scene.


At the start of his career, popular nightclub Escape in Amsterdam booked him for an upcoming talent night. It instantly gained him a resident saturday night spot. Urban music is his second love and by combining the two, he now tours all over the world performing at the biggest clubs and festivals. His favorite indulgence while on tour? A spicy chicken burger!



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