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Nicky Romero '16

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T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Sunday - October 23


Name: Nick Rotteveel van Gotum

Born: 6 January 1989

Nationality: Dutch


This Protocol Recordings head honcho is one of the most reputable acts of our generation. Nicky Romero has produced and co-produced several tracks for pop stars, and has released numerous singles and collaborations of his own. Growing up, Nicky moved around a bit. Born in Amerongen, the Netherlands, he moved to Kingston, Ontario, Canada for a year, and later moved back to the Netherlands to continue his education where he did his final semesters in France.


Nicky Romero’s viral hit “Toulouse” sparked an urgency in other producers to work with him, the remixes and collaborations started flying in, and Nicky quickly became a sought after DJ. His hit with Avicii, “I Could Be The One” was a huge summer anthem that quickly showed him some mainstream success. See you in October, Nicky!




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