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Showtek '16

Performed at:


T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Saturday - October 22


Name: Sjoerd Janssen + Wouter Janssen

Born: 6 April 1984 + 30 August 1982

Nationality: Dutch


Showtek started out with techno and subsequently moved to hardstyle, and eventually worked in other EDM styles including progressive/electro house. The brothers are very well-rounded in their musical taste and talent, and have had some major collaborations in their careers, which has gained them a significant amount of respect in the industry. The Dutch duo recently formed their own label called Skink Records which is licensed to Spinnin’ Records.


These brothers are what we like to call heavyweights in the electronic music community and have become a staple to most EDM festival lineups, we can’t wait to have Showtek back to AMF this year!



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