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Steve Aoki '16

Performed at:


AMF Presents SLAM! Mixmarathon - Ziggo Dome - October 22


T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Sunday - October 23


Name: Steven Hiroyuki

Born: November 30, 1977

Nationality: American


Steve Aoki doesn’t need an introduction. He’s one of the most famous producers on the planet, and has worked with some of the biggest names in pop music, ever. He’s known for his cake-throwing antics and always firing up some incredible energy while on stage. His interaction with his crowds is something to admire, and his upbeat and positive attitude has pushed him thus far.


Dim Mak head honcho, and bus tour extraordinaire, this household name frequents the biggest events and festivals in the world. He’s always ranked high in the DJ Mag top 100, and is thanked by many other producers as the helping hand that got them started. Welcome to AMF, Steve Aoki!



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