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Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano '16

Performed at:


T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Saturday - October 22


Name: Sunnery James + Ryan Marciano

Born: 29 March 1979 + 8 September 1980

Nationality: Dutch


As a DJ duo, they are irresistible. Put them in a DJ booth together and instant interaction and chemistry is there, with an eye for the audience and an ear for each other. Effortlessly adapting to one another seems to be no problem for these two best friends and partners in crime.


With musical childhoods behind them, and a passion for dance music they share that’s unquenchable, the Dutch duo were instantly picked up for bookings frequently in all corners of the world. House music is second nature to these two, and they never disappoint with a live show, we can’t wait to have them back at AMF in 2016!



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