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During AMF in the Amsterdam Arena you can! However, in the Ziggo Dome it is not allowed to bring a backpack or weekendbag. Handbags are allowed as long as they are not bigger than an A4. We will do anything in our power to keep the security proccess as fast as possible, therefore we would like to advise you to leave your bag at home.

As in previous years, AMF has a group of very dedicated AMF Ambassadors. They are AMF’s fans from the very first hour. This year, besides our regular sale, our ambassadors will also sell tickets. They are allowed to do so in return for an awesome AMF experience.

So if you are being contacted by someone who is an ambassador, please know they are legit. If you have any doubts about who is contacting you, you are always free to contact us on info@amf-festival.com with any questions you may have. 

The AMF 2017 line-up will be revealed next June 19. Become a member to be the first to know which DJs are coming!

This iconic festival is annually nestled in the heart of dance music’s most integral conference known as the Amsterdam Dance Event. Now on it’s fifth year, AMF will continue to exceed expectations and showcase why Amsterdam is the counterpoint for all electronic music. AMF will take over the night in the Amsterdam ArenA on Saturday October 21st 2017 with the world's greatest DJs, performers and mesmerizing production.

AMF will be on Saturday, October 21 at the Amsterdam ArenA, but for all AMF fans who are eager to get travel packages, we have good news! More AMF endorsed events will take place from October 18 - 21. That means 4 days of partying! Additional info and specifics about these events will be released in the coming months.

If you become an AMF Member, you can manage your preferences and stay up to date for AMF 2017. This is your own member page where you'll receive the latest news about AMF 2017, get updates about ticket sales and get notified about line-up announcements.

Click here to become an AMF Member. 

This year AMF returns to the Amsterdam ArenA on October 21st for an epic night. Check Google Maps for your personal best travel route.

AMF 2017 takes place in the Amsterdam ArenA on October 21, from 9PM until 6AM.

No, this is an 18+ event. At the time of the event, you have to have reached this age.

We conduct an absolute zero tolerance policy. If it is suspected that you have drugs on you, you will be denied entrance to the festival or removed from the venue. 

No, you cannot bring your own food and drinks. There are lots of options for food and beverages inside the venue.

Yes, the event is accessible to disabled people. We will provide more detailed information soon. 

As long as you have a doctor's note with you, you will be able to store your supplies at the first aid station. There you'll be able to take your medication. 

During AMF we work with partnering companies who provide staff who are all paid employees. 

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