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No, this is an 18+ event. At the time of the event, you have to have reached this age.

When you buy your tickets online, Paylogic (the official ticketing partner), will send you a purchase confirmation email after your order is processed. In this confirmation e-mail you will be asked to personalize your tickets. Once you've done that, you will receive your e-tickets.

Firstly, the website you purchase tickets from will show you a summary and confirmation of your purchase on the screen.

Right after, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your order, including the link for personalization. Click the link in the confirmation email to personalize your ticket(s).

Please note you will only receive your e-ticket(s) after personalization. Personalization of tickets is mandatory.

ADE pass holders get free entrance. This is however never guaranteed and always depending on capacity, which is limited. All ADE pass holders need an additional AMF E-Ticket, which can be collected at the ticket point near the main entrance of all three venues. 

Show up early to collect your AMF E-Ticket! 


Personalization E-tickets

You personalize your ticket with your own name. Personalization is necessary in order to receive your E-ticket. If you have purchased multiple tickets, your friends will also have to fill in their details so that everyone has a ticket in their own name. Personalization is mandatory.

You can personalize as soon as you receive your purchase confirmation e-mail from Paylogic.

1) After purchasing your ticket(s) you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic. The confirmation email contains a link that asks you to add additional information. Click on this link and you will be redirected to the personalization page. (Please check your spam folder as well)


2) Fill out your details correctly (use names as mentioned in ID/passport) and click confirm. The personalization of your ticket(s) has been completed.

Note: Personal information has to be unique for each ticket!


3) You will receive an email with your personalized ticket(s). If you did not receive your tickets within 24 hours, please contact the Paylogic Customer Service via customerservice@paylogic.com.

Tickets can be personalized up to 24 hours before the event. One week before the event, we will send an e-mail to remind all ticket buyers who have not personalized their tickets yet.

In case you have already personalized your ticket, but want to change the name on it (because for an unforeseen reason the person who’s name is on the ticket will not join anymore), you will be able to change the name on a ticket. A service fee of €4,75 will be charged for this per ticket.

More info will follow soon.

Note: When changing names on an AMF ArenA event ticket, you might be appointed a different venue entrance than on the original ticket.

Yes, before entering the festival security can ask for identification to check your age and compare your ID to the name on your ticket.

Please note that a photocopy of your identification document is not valid. If there is a different name on your ticket, access to the event can be denied. The ticket will not be refunded.

All popular events are confronted with fraudulent organizations and people that try to resell tickets above market price, purely for their own benefit. To prevent this we ask the ticket buyer to personalize all tickets with the name of the persons who will attend the event. This way, all tickets remain available for a fair price and belong to an individual ticket recipient.

Personalizing tickets also gives us the opportunity to send relevant information about the event to the ticket recipients.

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