18 07 2016

Best Pre-Party Meal!

Food is important. We need it to survive! You’ll also need a serious nutrition intake before you start out your day/night at AMF. There are some foods you should definitely consider pre-party, and some maybe not so much. We do have a ton of delicious vendors at the venues to make sure you’re sustained through the event, but as a pre-party snack, here are our choices:


1. A big salad: Got to keep those vitamins and nutrients in you!

Our Suggestion: SLA


2. A sandwich: The bread will help you stay full longer, and give you more energy!

Our Suggestion: Broodje Bert


3. A Protein Shake: Fast and easy way to get a nutritious base down before a night of partying

Our Suggestion: La Fruteria in Dam Square!


4. Eggs: Eggs are a great source of protein, and will keep you full for a long time!

Our Suggestion: Bluespoon at the Andaz


5. Pizza: Because...who doesn’t love pizza?

Our Suggestion: La Perla


6. Dutch Snack: When in Amsterdam, you must go Dutch. No need to split the bill! Ever had a snack (hamburger, croquette or frikandel) from a wall? We didn't think you did! :-)

Our Suggestion: FEBO


The FEBO snack experience

The world may have McDonalds... but Holland has FEBO. Sure, it sells all the regular fast food - hamburgers, fries, and soft drinks - but it also sells the very Dutch "krokets". The most interesting part? Most of the snacks are sold through vending machines. (Original link: http://www.rnw.nl/english/video/febo-snack-experience)

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