11 08 2016

AMF necessities you can't forget

Planning out your trip to a music festival can be complicated. There’s so much to think about, and so much you need to remember to bring. Packing itself is tough. Especially when you’re not entirely sure what the adventure ahead has to offer! That’s why we’ve compiled this short but sweet list of essentials that are guaranteed to make your nights at AMF much more enjoyable. 

1. Small Backpack: Where are you going to put all your essentials? In a small bag! Or even a fanny pack, those work great too.

2. Cell Phone / Charger: We have charging stations at the venues, but sometimes it’s easier if you bring your own charger with a battery pack! No waiting, no missing any music.

3. Ear Plugs: We know you love music, that’s why you’re attending AMF! Let’s make sure you can hear music for your years to come by wearing earplugs at all concerts and events.

4. Flag: Represent your country! Or if you have an AMF flag, even better! 

5. Sweater: Sometimes the ArenA can get a little chilly. Especially at the end of the night when it’s time to go home. There are always lockers available to store your larger items so you don’t need to carry them when you don’t need them.

6. Money/Credit Card: Don’t be stuck watching your friends buy that super sweet merch item you want. 

7. Identification: Not only will you need this to get into the venue, but to buy alcohol as well!

8. Good Shoes: If you want to be dancing all night, make sure you wear comfortable shoes to last! 

9. Your best friend: Self explanatory 

10. Your tickets: The most important item!

If you remember all these items, you’re going to have the best AMF yet! See you soon!


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