30 08 2016

Best places to visit while in Amsterdam

1. Dam Square: First things first. Dam square is always exciting! Occasional carnival-style activities, shopping galore, the best french fry carts and one of the best fresh juice shops you’ll ever visit. We haven’t even mentioned the tons of outdoor patio bars that line the square and allow you to sit and people watch all afternoon. Pro tip: watch out for the pigeons! They like to steal your food.

2. The Heineken Experience: Of course, beer is your number one goal in Amsterdam, right? ;) The Heineken Experience takes you through an informative and tasty adventure from start to finish on how the beer is crafted. With some samples to try of course!

3. The Canals: If you can, befriend someone with a boat. Or rent one! Take a trip down the canals and see Amsterdam the way it’s supposed to be viewed, by water. The canals snake through every inch of the city center, and allow you to sit back and relax while getting a view of just about every antique-style building imaginable in this incredibly unique city.

4. The Anne Frank House: The amount of history, emotion and connectivity you’ll experience in this building is 100% worth the wait in line. People come from all over to get a glimpse of where the young Frank girl spent her time, reading and writing, sharing her thoughts and experiences. Try to get there early, as the line is very time consuming sometimes.

5. Vondelpark: Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam, and certainly the most famous park in the Netherlands, which welcomes about 10 million visitors every year. No doubt because of the lush green trees, grassy meadows and beautiful ponds filled with birds and other nature. The bike paths are plenty, so grab your two wheels and take a spin through the beautiful Vondelpark! Make sure to pack a lunch and stop somewhere along the path to sit for a nice picnic.

Want to see all of this the dutch way? Arrange a bicycle and check out the video below to see how to safely manoeuvre through the city.

The Bike Instructor's Guide to cycling in Amsterdam


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