28 08 2016

Ten things you need to know about Dillon Francis

Let us set the record straight: this is your #AMF2016. That’s why we’re enjoying sharing everything there’s to know on Amsterdam, our events and of course the AMF artists. Time to seize this opportunity by getting to know Dillon Francis a bit better. This California-born artist annex comedian (28) will make his AMF debut during this upcoming fourth edition.


Here’s ten things you need to know about one of our freshest headliners.


1. Does the name Dillon Francis ring any bells? You might know DJ Hazel though? Yup, one and the same DJ person but different types of egos. And accents for that matter, alter ego accents that is.


2. He claims his father’s some kind of alternative medicine doctor and he’s had a really hard time tracking him down lately.


3. Dillon Francis has been the very first artist in Moombahton history to claim a #1 Beatport position.


Dillon Francis receives birthday present from Calvin Harris 

4. It’s safe to say Dillon can be extremely funny from time to time. From most time to time, that is. And why should you maintain ‘being funny’ as a hobby while you could also make it part of your profession? Kind of? Together with Kill the Noise he forms a comedy duo called Meowski666 and we’re secretly hoping they’re planning on a world tour any time soon.


5. Speaking of which.. In Dillon Francis’ world a world tour is called a Wurld Turr.


6. ‘Masta Blasta’ - the first track that gained Dillon bigger exposure, initially started off as a 130 BPM house track. It’s only after Dillon got inspired by Dutch musician Munchi he edited it into the popular moombahton track as we know it.


7. The broad spectrum of musical genres Dillon likes to represent are as diverse as his sense of humor. Whether you fancy moobahcore, moombahton or rather let loose through genres as electro house, trap, progressive house and dubstep: Dillon Francis’ got your back.


8. One of his absolute personal career highlights? His integration in the Super Bowl app alongside television host superstar personality Ellen Degeneres. Oh, how we love the fact that he admires the exact same celebs as we do!


9. His favorite pastime aside from making music or jokes? Pissing off your parents. Especially if they’re the hippie kind of people.


10. With a track record that includes collaborations with everyone from DJ Snake to Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix we guess it was ‘bout time we’d integrate Dillon Francis into your AMF journey.


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