20 08 2016


So here’s the deal. Once in Amsterdam (also known as 020) we need you fully focused. Not just on #AMF2016. We’d love for you to experience the entire scope of our clubbing scene. That’s why we’ve compiled this top 5 clubbing guide you might find useful. Print it out. Hang it over your bed. Learn it by heart. And start counting down. Mostly the latter, as we’re doing the very same thing!


RADION holds one of the city’s rare 24-hours event permits, which is perfectly reflected by the wide range of activities the venue hosts. This is your progressive stop for both daytime and nighttime activities. 


This centrally located former church opened its doors for the first time in 1968. It’s safe to say that Paradiso goes way back and has been a beacon in the Amsterdam clubbing scene for quite some time now. If you’re not persuaded to check this venue out based on its programming, you should be by its beautiful authentic looks. Nothing compares to the way light rays shine through original glass church windows while dancing the night away.  

Paradiso in the 1970's



Another golden oldie. This venue was built in 1936 as the canteen for Dutch market traders - hence its name which translates into market canteen. De Marktkantine has been a hub for arts ever since the 50’s and its bigger room easily fits over 1000 people while the venue also boasts a smaller room, offering space to 300 visitors. 


Since its opening in January of this year, De School has been an instant success. The multidisciplinary hub is not only home to a concert venue, but also a great restaurant, cosy café, an art centre and a gym. Basically, there’s no reason why you couldn’t or shouldn’t spend the day here. The nightclub offers room to 700 visitors and De School’s programming’s strong emphasis on local DJs offers a highly valued addition to a basis of international guests. You might remember the owners of De School by former infamous initiatives such as Trouw and Club 11. Without any doubt a must do! 


Looking for the perfect spot to spend your evening in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Leidse Square? Chicago Social Club should be the one then! Catering to both the local hip kids as well as the likeminded tourists, this club has two levels with multiple rooms - each representing their own genre. Chicago Social Club is the place to go when you feel like dancing, but don’t feel like restricting yourself when it comes to where you’d want to dance to! 

@ Chicago Social Club
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