27 09 2016

AMF Launches #THISISMYAMF Platform

With little over three weeks to go, we’re launching a new digital space especially for you, our fans! This playground is the perfect spot for posting every AMF impression or video you feel like sharing with fellow fans. A spot where your favorite DJs can share their AMF moments too…


How does it work?

Easy! Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts with #THISISMYAMF will automatically go live on our brand new #THISISMYAMF platform! Your posts will remain on the wall for all fellow AMF fans to see, like and share. Your posts will stay online now, during and after the AMF shows in October.


Curious yet? Check out the platform here!



Keep coming back for new episodes

#THISISMYAMF is a page for fans to share their mutual passion for dance music. AMF however wouldn’t exist without their supporting crew or without superstar DJs...

Keep an eye out for new episodes of people working with AMF, or even a message from your favorite DJs!


What are you waiting for? Claim your moment of fame here! After all... This is your AMF!  


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