30 09 2016


With less than three weeks to go, you’ve probably sorted out your travel arrangements (have you?). There’s a mighty good chance you’ve thought your #AMF2016 schedule through and you might have even had the chance to prep your party wardrobe and necessities. So you’re well on your way right?


That leaves us with more than enough time to reveal some additional fun facts about the AMF 2016 venues. Let’s start with the Amsterdam ArenA. The biggest stadium we have in the Netherlands and proud host of the third AMF edition within her walls. Or should we say curves?


1. The Stadium

The Amsterdam ArenA opened its doors in 1996 and caters to almost 54.000 fans during soccer matches. Its tribune’s angle is almost 40 degrees making it the fourth steepest tribune in Europe. The good news is - you shouldn’t care too much about the seating as we’ll make sure to keep you dancing all night long. However, use those seats for some in-between-chilling and marvel at the magnitude of our Amsterdam ArenA.


2. Architecture

The venue’s architect is known for working with elements of association. He’s very well aware (and so will you once you’ve laid your eyes on the venue) that at nighttime the ArenA resembles a flying saucer. Come on, how cool is that? What better place to party with thousands of likeminded festival goers than in a mysterious saucer?


3. Roof

Its impressive roof is built to open and close depending on the weather or the event circumstances. Extremely handy considering the highly unpredictable Dutch weather. The element’s dimensions are a staggering 37 x 120 metres and the entire roof opens up or closes in under 20 minutes. Nice to know when you’re looking up while dancing the night away!


Transformation Timelapse from Soccer Stadium to Party Arena

4. Superstar Stadium

The superstar DJs that will guarantee you an unforgettable #AMF2016 are in good company in terms of those who’ve played at the ArenA before. Phil Collins, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz, Eminem, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Coldplay and Beyoncé have all performed at the ArenA in the last two decades. This makes it holy ground for music lovers from all genres and thus an ultimate venue for an outrageous celebration of electronic dance music.


5. Once in a lifetime experiences

After 20 years of sports events, matches and massive music concerts the Amsterdam ArenA has been part of numerous ‘once in a lifetime experiences’ of at least 30 million people.


Speaking of once in a lifetime experiences… Whether this is your very first time visiting this venue or if you’ve been part of those 30 million people before, it’s safe to say we feel equally excited to take you on your AMF journey at such an iconic location!


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