24 09 2016

Time to get to know Jay Hardway a little better!

Now that we've revealed all the artists in charge of making the AMF ArenA as unforgettable as possible, it's time to share some fun facts about them too in order for you to be fully prepared and get to know them a little better.


One of those AMF ‘first timers’ is Dutchman Jobke Heiblom a.k.a. Jay Hardway. This DJ slash producer slash drummer has been part of the Spinnin’ Records Family for a couple of years now and you might know him from bangers such as his hit ‘Electric Elephants’ or ‘Wizard’ and ‘Registration Code’ - two collabs he’s done with fellow Spinnin’ superstar Martin Garrix. Jay, who started out as producer at the tender age of 14, is known for his distinctive mix of Electro and Progressive House and he’s inspired by fellow DJ artists such as Tiësto. The latter being one of his all-time legends.


His personal road to stardom has led him to every corner of the world and with all the traveling comes an unlimited amount of new musical ideas. Ammunition to come up with something new, fresh and different with every track he creates.


The young artist is very open about his production process though. He happily shares his way of working and thought patterns with his fans through online tutorials. His aim? To inspire them to express themselves through creation and not be withheld by any technical limitations such as software.


His favorite cities? New York and Tokyo. For all the obvious reasons of course. Ever seen the videoclip he shot for Electric Elephants? Yup, shot in Tokyo indeed.


Jay Hardway - Electric Elephants


Expect a highly energetic, euphoric and melodic mix of bangers from Jay on Saturday October 22 and if you feel like getting in the mood already, click here.


We cannot wait to see Jay in action!

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