08 09 2016

Why Travelling to a Music Festival is something you need to try!

We know Amsterdam isn’t considered ‘home’ for a lot of you. And we know the thought of travelling to a new place for a music festival can sometimes seem overwhelming. We wanted to give you a list of 5 reasons why travelling to a music festival, especially one like AMF, is the most incredible experience.


1. You learn more travelling than you ever would in school. It’s called real life experience. Going to a new country and speaking a foreign language, knowing nobody and unable to read the street signs and transit schedules, these are the things that will help you develop skills as a person, and teach you to be more observant, experienced and smart.


2. The culture in other countries is always something wonderful to experience. Allowing yourself to be immersed in something unknown to you, and letting that experience influence your life, that’s where the real memories are made.


An eye on Amsterdam!

3. Music in new countries is always slightly different, even if you’re listening to the same genre. AMF takes place in the Netherlands where a lot of our performers are born and raised. This gives them that feeling of being at home, and to share that feeling with your favourite DJ, that’s something special!


4. The food! We’ve mentioned it before, but trying new food while traveling is the perfect way to expand your mind, and your palate, and always prepared to provide a great story to bring home.


5. If you’re a nice person, people will always be friendly to you as a foreigner. People love sharing their home and their culture with new people. It’s this meeting of new faces and connecting on a deeper level that gives travelling it’s unique and rewarding experience.


The bottom line is that travelling is a sort of, right of passage for many people. Your memories from AMF will be lined with golden moments shared in the streets, maybe even the canals of Amsterdam. The people you will meet will always remember that place, and associate your face with the feeling of exploring, being free, and sharing a beautiful experience.


People travel to AMF from all over the world; get ready to represent your country during AMF, get ready to show what #THISISMYAMF looks like!


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