21 10 2016

7 iconic moments in Tiësto’s career

Tonight Tiësto presents the 500th edition of Clublife. In honor of one of the greatest DJs the world has ever known, we’ve assembled a list of seven landmarks in his career so far.  

The first solo show in the Gelredome – Tiësto had the honor of becoming the first ever solo DJ to perform (twice!) in front of a sold out Gelredome in 2004.

Opening the Olympics – Also in 2004, Tiësto was the first DJ to ever open the Olympics in Athens.

Honorary citizen of Brabant – The provence of Brabant, where Tiësto was born, named him honorary citizen in 2012.

A grammy – Tiësto won a grammy for his remix of ‘All of me’ by John Legend in 2015.

Switch from trance to edm – Somewhere in the laat 00’s Tiësto quite radically switched his style from trance to edm. A decision that led to a storm of reactions, but that hardly anyone still talks about.

Playing for 200.000 people – During the 2007 Brazil Summer Tour, Tiësto played at Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro in front of an ecstatic crowd of 200.000.

Playing on the kings wedding – At the wedding day of the current king and queen of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander and Maxima in 2002, Tiësto performed a 9-hour set in a Heineken Music Hall packed with Dutchies.

Tonight we’re adding a new milestone to the already impressive career of one of the greatest DJs of the world. We can’t wait until he takes the stage in a sold out Ziggo Dome!

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