22 10 2016


We went into the crowd and asked them to complete the ABC of AMF. This is what they came up with. Do you have a better suggestion for one of the letters of the alphabet? Tweet us @_AMFofficial!


A – Amsterdam. The best city in the world!

B – Big Beats. That’s what we’re here for.

C – Cool. Sorry, I’m not very creative.

D – Dancing. ALL. DAY. LONG!

E – EDM. The best!

F – F*ck yeah, baby!

G – Go hard or go...

H – Home!

I – Incredibly hot people. The Dutch, whoa! 

J – Just music!

K – Keep the party going!

L – Loooooove AMF!

M – Madness, mad, mad, madness!

N – Nothing but the best DJs.

O – Off the charts, this place!

P – Party people from all over the world! 

Q – Questions! Why are you asking me so much!

R – Raving radicals!

S – Sexy mother**!

T – The best week ever!

U – Uniformity, at AMF, we’re all United through music!

V – ✌️

W – World wide, the crowd is from all over the place!

X – Xperience everything! 

Y – Y? Why! 

Z – Zzzz, no sleep for the wicked!

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