24 10 2016

Anti hang-over tips

Firstly, AMF is about music; and second, it's about connecting with others. But we’re not stupid. We know the chances are that you had a couple drinks. Or, maybe, a couple more than a couple. Aaaand you might be regretting it ever so slightly today. Over the year, we did a little taste-testing to see what works to cure that awful-morning-feeling and we're sharing our valuable insight with you today.

- Make sure you drink enough. Both before going to bed as well as after waking up. An absolute magic potion to us is sport’s drinks. Gatorade, Aquarius, or whatever local (or cheaper) version available. Water, of course, is a great start (maybe add a little lemon to up those vitamin C’s). What also has alkaline readjusting working is coconut water. Mega hip, but oh-so hydrating.

- Most pharmacies sell oral rehydration salts (ORS). Usually, you pack these on long, exotic journeys (where Bombay Belly is imminent). It’s basically a soluble containing everything your body is lacking right now, and though not the tastiest solution, your body will thank you for it. 

- Coffee. Though some studies say it might make it worse (it doesn’t exactly hydrate your body as well as some of the above options), we think that waking up without a dose of caffeine is just a bad idea regardless of the state you’re in.

- Make yourself (or even better; have someone make you) a fruit salad. It’s refreshing and if you add both citrus as well as banana, you’re readjusting your balance as well as adding some good old vitamins to your mix.  

- Eggs, cheese, bacon or basically anything hefty and greasy for breakfast. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Kate Moss obviously doesn’t do hangovers then. Nothing tastes as good as a proper greasy breakfast feels! Be prepared for heartburn though ;)

- Aspirin. Upon going to bed; upon waking; in between and after. It’s not the best for your liver, but that headache….

- Exercise. It gets your blood pumping a bit harder and your adrenaline will help your headache subside. Plus, you’ll feel a little less sorry for yourself!

- On that note… Have sex. If you can handle the motion sickness on a poorly tummy, having sex will get the adrenaline going of working out, but with all the happy hormones added. Win/win!

- If the thought of moving makes you feel sick already, just stay in bed and sleep more. Leave the adulting to another day; own your hangover like a pro.

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