19 10 2016

Audi Q2 official hosting partner of AMF Official Opening: Top100DJS Award Party

AMF and Audi partner up during AMF, with the stylish Audi Q2 taking the superstars to the AMF Official Opening: Top100DJS Award Party and presenting the #untaggable award.

Dance lovers have been looking forward to the announcement of the new #1 DJ of the world during the TOP100DJS Award Show in the Heineken Music Hall on Wednesday October 19th. The new #1 DJ of the world will light up the night with a special performance and there’ll be multiple other awards.

The Award Show is made possible by the Audi Q2, the new compact SUV and official hosting partner of the evening. At the Award Show Audi presents the #untaggable award, for a DJ who’s style cannot easily be put in an existing box.

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