15 10 2016

Back to School with ADE University

‘When one teaches, two learn’, and that’s exactly what ADE University is for. By sharing amongst professionals as well as with students, everyone attending ADE University is expanding their knowledge.

AMF is the biggest festival within ADE, but it didn’t start out as as the five-day event you’re looking forward to so much. To get to know more about the growth of AMF and its brand positioning, some of our key figures will be sharing their ins and outs with the crowd. Hundreds of students from all over the world will be firing their questions at them, but they know how to keep cool!

AMF’s Brand Owner Patricia Berkhof, Talent Buyer Gerben Roos and Head of Marketing David Wagemaker are armed with insider knowledge and behind the scenes-stories on Thursday October 20. And to top it off, twenty students will be invited for a backstage tour of AMF! Learning = boring? Not at ADE University! 

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