13 10 2016

Connect through #THISISMYAMF

The platform #THISISMYAMF is already live. Both visitors as well as artists have been posting, and we’ve been loving getting a sneak peek into your preps. Here are some favorites...

Steve Aoiki shared his #THISISMYAMF vibe by putting up a video! In his own words, AMF “is where you hear ground breaking material”. We can’t wait to hear his!

Last year for AMF, the Scotland based @scwardy25 inked Amsterdam on his skin forever. Now how is that for true love!

Because there’s no such thing as over prepping when it comes to the making the biggest venues of Amsterdam dance like there’s no tomorrow, the #AMF2016 Anthem-Man (does that make him our very own Anthman?) Jay Hardway makes sure he’s ready to blow you lots of kisses.

@Nephthys0 Neither can we!

Share your #THISISMYAMF with the world, and with us. We can’t wait to see you on the platform, -- and of course on the dancefloor next! 

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