18 10 2016

Fun facts: Armin van Buuren

We’re only a day away from all those wonderful things that go hand in hand with #AMF2016 and that wonderfully tiring spectacle called ADE. There’s has been much talk about the line-up. We’ve giving you food guides. Shopping guides. Travel instructions and get-in-the-AMF-mood-playlists. What’s left then? Some fun, lighthearted facts about one of our all-time heroes, Armin van Buuren. Just to kill the time and make sure you’ve some facts up your sleeve in case you might need to impress someone!

  1. Armin has been a fan of the classic trance sound for as long as we can remember, but if there’s one thing he does not want to, it’s focusing on just one particular sound. For Armin, trance is all about the emotion that goes with it and the most important thing is that the genre keeps developing.

  2. He’s a fan of long-form sets, such as the ones he plays at Ibiza or during his own Armin Only shows. His current media library covers over 6000 songs all for use during one of his gigs or shows.

  3. Why choose one if you can have both? That’s Armin’s philosophy when it comes to the creation and production of songs and the reason why he uses Logic and Ableton side by side. Best of both worlds so to say. He emphasizes that both have their own advantages.

  4. Although his schedule’s always packed and the traveling can be really demanding, he feels it has been an utter blessing to get to experience so many countries and cultures. “Seeing the world on the news is one thing, but it’s quite different to actually go and talk to people and understand why there are differences between religions, cultures etc.”

  5. During an Q&A session he’s done last year, he hinted that an Gaia album might be on its way. Possibly. With an emphasis on the latter as Armin’s not one to take anything lightly. The album will drop if and once it’s perfectly perfect.

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