22 10 2016

How to keep yourself warm today

Today the biggest festival venue of the Netherlands opens its doors to an exuberant crowd of dance lovers that come to see the world’s best DJs on one stage. But we’re in Amsterdam, and even though we’ve had a wonderful Indian summer, it can get quite cold in the ArenA. Here are some tips, so you will always be comfortable.

  • It will be a chilly 11 degrees Celsius today, and however the energy of thousands of people is heartwarming, it is wise to wear multiple layers of clothing.
  • Hug your friends! Their body warmth is the best way to keep your internal thermometer on the right level.
  • Dance! It’s almost impossible to keep your feet still with so many great DJs on stage, so this tip might be a bit unnecessary.
  • Bring multiple clothing items. There are lockers enough so you better be safe than sorry.
  • Drink! A shot every once in a while is a miracle medicine.
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