23 10 2016

Interview with Axwell /\ Ingrosso's pyro technician

Every proper DJ show has fireworks and lasers nowadays. Some have a lot of lasers and fireworks, and some have a little less of it. But tonight during the Axwell Λ Ingrosso set, the crowd was blown away. Jeroen, the technical producer of the night, says: “We had an incredible amount of lasers today. Usually at a venue of this size, 6 to 8 lasers suffice. Tonight we had no less than 106 of them! Another thing that was special tonight is the cyclo-laser in the middle of the Heineken Music Hall. That one just keeps going non-stop, so there’s lasers all around, all the time. And the pyro of course…”

In charge of the pyro (a different term for fireworks) is Paul. “Tonight’s show was extremely exciting for us. We used up an amount of pyro that usually lasts a whole day of events. Now we fired all of that in the air in an hour and a half! For us, that means that there’s no rest and zero room for error. These are the days we live for,” he smiles. And man did these guys keep their word. With the obvious help from Axwell Λ Ingrosso, the show was absolutely legendary!

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