05 10 2016


So there’s been a lot of buzz around the #AMF2016 anthem. And although it’s safe to say we’re not entirely objective, we share your enthusiasm! You’ve been dying to find out which one of the AMF DJs created it though. We couldn’t be more proud to tell you that this year’s anthem has been created by Jay Hardway. An AMF ‘debutant’ with an incredible track record!


When asked about the anthem Jay emphasizes his love for the city of Amsterdam:


'I have lived in Amsterdam for 3 years now and I really fell in love with this city. When I was asked to make the official AMF anthem I was super excited because AMF is a big thing here! So I started watching aftermovies and recaps of the previous editions. I wanted to capture the atmosphere and combine that with my personal experience of AMF and that of living in Amsterdam. This anthem is the result!'


#AMF2016 Trailer including Jay Hardway - Amsterdam

Want to experience Jay Hardway and this anthem in a live setting? Make sure to grab your tickets now. He plays at:


T-Mobile Presents AMF ArenA Saturday - October 22 – Amsterdam ArenA

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AMF Official Closing: AMF & Friends - October 23 – Heineken Music Hall

Get your tickets now!


P.S. Keep a close eye on Jay Hardway’s socials as he’ll be officially releasing the anthem sooner rather than later!


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