21 10 2016

The busiest man of the night

In the middle of a series of meet & greets and right before his show, we spoke to the man of the hour; Hardwell himself.

What is it like to have your own label night during the most prestigious dance event of the world?

“It’s an absolute must for me to have my own label night, and one of the most awesome things to do. Ever. To have a sold out international show is the greatest feeling in the world.”

How do you usually prepare for a show, and is that different today?

“This day is crazy, and usually everything is extremely well prepared but today is so hectic that I’m just basically going with the flow. I’m having so much fun with everyone and everything is possible tonight. From Kris Kross Amsterdam to Knife Party who might do a drum and bass set! I can’t wait to play tonight.”

To give the audience an insight in your life, talk us through the past 24 hours. Where were you at:

01.00: “I was supporting Dannic and Afrojack in the Escape.”

05.00: “Snacking with my friend Bas in the hotel room. ‘Frikadellen’, a typical dutch snack.”

10.00: “ZzZzZzZzZ.”

16.00: “Unveiling my own statue at the Madame Tussauds. It was so crazy to see an exact copy of myself standing in front of me!”

19.00: “This was the calm before the storm, I was having a nice private dinner with my family and friends.”

22.00: “Back at the hotel, freshing up before the show.”

01.00: “I was having meet & greets with the fans, and now I’m starting to prepare myself to go on stage, thanks and see you later!”


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