22 10 2016

The fans want to congratulate Tiësto too!

To celebrate the 500th episode of Tiësto’s Clublife radioshow, we walked around the Ziggodome and asked the fans: What would you say to Tiësto if you could congratulate him in person?

“He saved my life with his music, I wanna hug him!” – Christina & Marian-Taskov

“You have inspired a whole generation.” – Jake, George & Emma

“He is art, love from the Ukraine.” – Anna & Olga

Congratulations! – Amy

“He has the greatest sets and energie which he gives to his fans.” – Jared

“Let’s move it up to the 1000th episode!” – Wilfred

“He’s organised, he’s well presented, he’s hygienic, atracts friendly people to his party’s.. he’s fabulous!” – Lauren 

“Always a ball!” – Josh & Emily

“I went to 12 Tiësto concerts worldwide. I love him, he’s a big part of my life!” – Ryan

“That ain’t that hard… Congratulations!” – Kevin & Sylvia

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