20 10 2016

The first people are in!

The doors are open and the biggest fans are walking through the doors. Some of these guys and girls were waiting in line for hours and can’t wait to see Hardwell and his friends.

Amy from San Diego, California has been a fan for ‘only’ 1,5 year but has been to no less than eleven(!) shows in that time! “I wanted to go to the shows in North-America but they were on the East-Coast so I couldn’t make it. I really wanted to see him again, so I basically hád to be here.”

There was no doubt Mariska, her mom and her twin sister would be here. “We always go to Hardwell together and we’re always the first ones inside. Last year at the Ziggo Dome we waited for eight hours in the pouring rain but we secured our front row spots! And at Dance Valley I was even dancing front row when I was pregnant. My ex ran into Hardwell the next day at a different festival and when he told him that story Hardwell called me at night! Unfortunately I was asleep and didn’t pick up...”

Mariska was a bit unlucky, but Jose (from Peru) is one of the luckier guys in line. “I’m actually here for a work conference but when I found out Hardwell was playing at AMF I immediately bought a ticket! All my friends are at home so I’m making them jealous with my posts online.”

Hardwell’s fans are coming from all over the world, and Soyeon and Dasol from South-Korea are the living proof. “We’re studying here, but Hardwell and other Dutch DJs were one of the reasons to study here in the first place!”

Probably the youngest visitor of tonight is Tobias from Denmark. “I turned 18 yesterday and as a present I got tickets to the DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs and to Hardwell. I’m looking forward to this moment for 3 or 4 years now so I really can’t wait anymore!”



We can’t wait either, let’s have fun tonight!

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