22 10 2016

The perfect harmony of Tiësto’s Clublife

Tonight was just epic, we have no other words to describe this. Let’s just hope you were there to witness AMF: Tiësto Presents Clublife 500. History has been written in the Ziggo Dome and we are just halfway through AMF. 

This night showed the perfect fusion of the old and legendary Tiësto sound, mixed with his modern modern influences and supported by his favourite colleagues. A beautiful chemistry that can’t be put into words very easily.

This chemistry, combined with the extremely energetic crowd in perfect harmony with the show, resulted in the best Clublife episode Tiësto and his fans have ever seen. From the front to the back, the left to the right and even on the balcony: everybody was dancing like it’s the last night of their life. Thanks to every single one of you for being a part of this amazing journey!

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