23 10 2016


While the crowd is going wild during AMF, ALDA Events and ID&T are working behind the scenes to make sure that your experience is smooth and that the party keeps going. But what does AMF mean to them, you're asking? You can find the answers below!

Gerben - Artist Buyer

"Letting the world see that Amsterdam is the biggest dance capital in the world!"

Tabitha - Snapchat & Instagram reporter

"Small naps ;-)"

Birgitte - PR Manager

"For me, AMF is the biggest festival, in the best venues, working with the best team. And the promise of Niels that he will give me his mothers stew after ADE..."

Niels - Designer

"For me AMF means working together so hard that I make loose promises about giving people my mothers stew."

Michiel - Marketeer

"Five days of absolute madness, surrounded by the biggest DJs, venues and a small but coherent team that makes working feel like a hobby."

Patricia - AMF Brand Owner

"AMF is my highlight of the year. The moment where as an artist, promotor, organisation or story telling company have the opportunity to put yourself on the map. It is also a reunion for me, because I'm always on tour but during AMF, everyone comes together in my own city!"


Let us know what your AMF looks like by using #THISISMYAMF. 


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