26 10 2016


Sunday is normally not the most exciting day of the week: a day to rest, relax and recuperate. But last Sunday was the last day of #AMF2016, which meant there was no time to zone out. Some of the first people to enter the Amsterdam ArenA told us about their AMF experience. 

Dominik and Michael: “We were here all Saturday as well. My favourite DJ, Don Diablo, was an absolute highlight. What makes AMF special is a look and feel you don’t feel elsewhere. It’s just the best. We’re having breakfast of noodles. Vitamins? They’re overrated, unless vitamin Beer counts?”

Ces: “I really wanted to see Steve Aoki, and he’s all over the place with AMF. The Sunday line-up was epic though, so I chose that day to come to the ArenA. I moved to the Netherlands 5 years ago for my girlfriend, and I’ve fallen with the country too. AMF is like the rest of the Netherlands, I love it. The people are the nicest, they’re very open minded and let’s be honest, this country has the best DJs in the world!”

Iris, Maud & Annelotte: “We’re here to party! We’ve known each other basically all our lives; our parents are friends. We came really early because we just didn’t know what to expect. It’s our first time, and we’re really excited. I didn’t even check the timetable yet; we just want to see all the DJs because the entire line-up is amazing!” 

Amy: “In the States, people come just to party, but here everyone comes to see the DJs. It means that people are all really excited and know the music. AMF is the biggest and best event for EDM. I really wanted to go, but I couldn’t get away from work. But then I was laid off from work due to downsizing of the company. What are the odds, right? So I just went. None of my friends were able to get away that quickly, so yeah, I came alone from San Diego -- and it’s the best decision ever. The crowd is amazing, it’s so easy to make friends here.”

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