22 10 2016


During five days of festival, AMF attracts 100.000 people from all over the world. That's a lot of different versions of what AMF looks like. We at AMF are keen to stay up to date about what AMF means to you. So we went out into the ArenA to ask, what is #THISISMYAMF to you? 

Thibaud & Jean-Charles: ”We love electronic music so much, and AMF brings only the best artists. This is the place to be!”

Kuba: “AMF means friends, Hardwell & seeing Amsterdam. Wait, let me take you to my friends, they’re all in matching costumes!”

Alex: “For me AMF is all the best DJs. Of course that also means Tiësto. He’s the best!”

Joe & Raad: “I am from Israël and he is from Syria. We met on Facebook and now we are partying together. Music brings people together!”  

Cola: “My AMF is my friends and music. We met last year and now are like brothers and sisters. I flew from Hong Kong just to be here for 24 hours. My flights are longer than that I will be here! The immigration office didn’t believe me. Haha!”

Maikel and Angela: “My AMF is jumping to the max! We saw Hardwell last year in Germany and loved it so much, we came here to see him again”.

Herman: “AMF is the best party in the world. We don’t go to many parties, but AMF is the best. When the Dutch do something, they do it best. We come from Costa Rica just to party in the Netherlands!” 

Lea: “My AMF is partying with my friends! Let’s shine!” 

Yves: “Hardwell is the best DJ. We come from Amsterdam, and here at AMF we're going to party with the best of buds!”

Rakan: “I love Amsterdam, it makes me happy for no reason. Everybody is happy in Amsterdam!”

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