07 11 2016

5 reasons why your party friends will never let you down

When you party together and experience memorable moments, you get to know your true party friends. Therefore we summed up some reasons why your party friends will never let you down.

1. Best memories come from bad ideas

"You bring the alcohol, I'll bring the bad decision."

2. Bros before hoes.

No matter how cute the guy or hot the girl, your party friend will never let you down, because bros before hoes.

3. Friends that drink together, stay together.

Because every empty bottle you drank together is filled with stories.

4. When you're together, you're cooler than anyone else.

Sometimes you might look at your friends and think: "Where did I find these weirdos?" But then you must think... "What would I do without them?"

5. Dance partners in crime.

Happiness is the friend who'll dance with you to the song that is not meant for dancing.

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