15 11 2016

QUIZ: Which DJ Are You?

You're favorite outfit, food and guilty pleasure will reveal which dutch DJ you are at heart. In order for you to find out who you DJ alter ego is, fill out this quiz!

1. Favorite outfit to wear?

A. Short sleeved t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.
B. Classic white button down shirt.
C. Cap and sunglasses.

2. Signature move?

A. One hand up in the air.
B. Both arms in the air.
C. Peace up!

3. Favorite food?

A. Sausage roll (worstenbroodje).
B. Asian food.
C. Sushi.

4. Guilty pleasure?

A. Call of Duty.
B. PlayStation4.
C. Luxury Cars.

5. Big fan of...:

A. Drake.
B. Phil Collins.
C. Michael Jackson.

6. Favorite city in the Netherlands?

A. Breda.
B. Leiden.
C. Spijkenisse.

Did you fill out all the question stated above? In order for you find out which dutch DJ you are at heart count your A's, B's and C's whichever may help to conclude in a result.

Most A's: Hardwell.

Most B's: Armin van Buuren.

Most C's: Afrojack.

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