14 11 2016

#THISISMYAMF: Recap Fanposts

We know that our fans love AMF and we love our fans too! Therefore we're so happy that you guys share so many amazing pictures on Instagram and other social media channels using the #THISISMYAMF hashtag. Since you've put us in the spotlight, we would like to put a spotlight on our fans and share the most funny, crazy and loving pictures of AMF 2016.

AMF might be already over, however this doesn't mean that you shouldn't share any #THISISMYAMF pictures no more. Sharing is caring and keep the AMF spirit alive!

 @kira_yemelyanenko: Music is the language of the world. #tbt #THISISMYAMF #amf2016

@diana130191: Can't forget! #THISISMYAMF

@naughtyteddy: Take Teddy back to AMF!! #THISMYAMF #amf2016

@sandeepreddys09: My first concert! #THISISMYAMF

@sanysandry: This was our #AMF2016. #THISISMYAMF

@lincy91: Amsterdam Music Festival ik mis je! #THISIMYAMF

@melaniecibura: Amsterdam - it was a blast! #THISISMYAMF

@rauru21: Steve Aioki! #THISISMYAMF #AxwellIngrosso 

@danaburshan: In This Festival - It Doesn't Where You Come From Or What Skin Color, We All Belong to the Music. #AMF2016 #THISISMYAMF

@celine.see: Going crazy in Amsterdam! #THISISMYAMF

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