01 12 2016

10 Things to do when the lights turn on

All good things come to end, also great parties. You've been partying all night, but then out of the blue the lights turn on. In order for you to prepare for this unexpected and mostly highly uncomfortable event, we present you a with a list on what to do when the lights turn on. 

1. Find your friends in time, because you know when the lights turn on the chaos begins.
2. Make sure to have all your belonging with you.
3. In case you took a picture before the party, make sure to take another one after the lights turn on. Let's check out the differences.
4. Make sure to get your crush's phone number. When you got the phonenumber, make sure to send out a good night or good morning text.
5. Guys, put those shirts back on, not everyone wants to see you shirtless.
6. Never ever get in the first tram or train, only if you like to be crushed like a grape.
7. When waiting for the next tram or train to come, make sure to have a dutch croquet or frikandel. Shoarma will do fine as well!
8. Don't forget your sunglasses, in case the party ended at dawn.
9. The ultimate lifesaver: chewing gum. For yourself and maybe some friends in need, so make sure to carry extra around. 
10. Work on your karma credits and get a coffee for a man or woman heading to work.

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