23 01 2017

Winter In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, beautiful in the summer and cold in the winter! Do not let this stop you from coming to visit this incredible city. There are tons of activities special to the cold winter months that'll make Amsterdam a unique and special destination.

The weather for next week seems to be idling around the freezing mark, but we have some suggestions of what to do and where to go when it's ice cold outside.

Warm Winter Foods: There are more options than just fondue! Check out some Dutch winter specialties right here.

Cozy Pubs: Grab your friends and post up for a night at one of Amsterdam's notoriously cozy pubs! Have a pint and warm up by the fire at one of the Brown Cafes.

Not cold enough?: Check the XtraCold Icebar

Trying to bike in That freezing slush and snow? Make sure to stay safe and take Precautions!

The clubs are perfect for all weather:
ShelterDepot • CANVAS • Paradiso • Milky Disco Dolly • Warehouse Elements • Market Canteen

 Some great shots taken this season:


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Source: http://www.iamsterdam.com/en/visiting/whats-on/winter

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