22 02 2017

AMF ArenA returns as night event!

Yup! You read that right! On Saturday October 21, AMF will return to the Amsterdam ArenA for an unforgettable night show! Traditionally, a selection of the biggest DJs in the world will each showcase the best the industry has to offer.  

"On Saturday October 21 the Amsterdam ArenA will be opened from 9PM to 6AM!"

On Saturday October 21, the Amsterdam ArenA will be opened to thousands of EDM fans from 9PM until 6AM. That means party'ing until the sun comes up! AMF now goes into its fifth year, so to celebrate you can make sure you will be surprised again by an even more mesmerizing production than before! 

Tickets currently only available in combination with Travel Packages. Click HERE

Line up and more information will be announced in May 2017. 

Age 18+


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