Today is the day! Tickets for the 5th edition of AMF are available now via our ticket shop. Why are you even here instead of buying your tickets? 

For starters, we will have an epic night party. Unlike last year, we’ll be raving at night and we’ll party till the daylight. We’ve already dropped the huge names that we’re going to party with this year. However, not only the line-up counts, the amazing vibe makes AMF unique as well. Naturally, you can expect a big stage and a spectacular show, just like previous years! But as this is our fifth anniversary, we'll definitely make this one just a little bit more special!

Perhaps you’re thinking, why should I go to AMF 2017? 

For example, our special act! We already wrote a little something about them, but of course we can’t give away their names, not yet. Curious what we wrote? Maybe you’ll find some hidden clues in our article here. Speaking of line-up, how about Marshmello – who will only perform in the Netherlands for the second time in his career? Or Vini Vici, who will be making their debut at AMF this year! 

And yes, we’ve only announced one event… so far.

Okay, so AMF is going back to a one-night event in the ArenA - but wipe that frown of your face! We’ll have more AMF endorsed events on October 18 – 21. That means four days of partying, but as AMF is at night, it’s the last of a series of all AMF events during ADE. So count on some massive fireworks and a spectacular end show.

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this one, so hurry and grab your tickets while you can!

Already bought your tickets? Be part of our night army and get yourself a cool AMF t-shirt, sweater, or any other AMF merchandise!

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