AMF wouldn’t be the same without you. Our fans. Our visitors. Our ambassadors. We want to give you a spotlight. Your chance to share you experiences during AMF. We kick off with a very special one! If you would like to share your AMF story with us, please do via: 

Meet ambassador Michael:

So Michael tell us al little bit more about your first time…

‘My first time at AMF was in 2015 and I loved it! So I will come again this year, it will be my third year in a row. One of the things I love about AMF is that when you are there it feels just like a big family, everybody is smiling, happy, having a good time and just love the music. The people that are working are always smiling, friendly and ready to help and answer questions.'

Nothing but love for you Michael! What where your AMF highlights?

'2015 highlight for me was Nervo. I had never heard of them before and now I am a big fan! ! I think it is not an easy job for girls in this business. Last year as I remember there where only two woman acts in the dj mag top 100. They where at #46 and the last girl was around #98. So they have come a long way, making good tunes, some nice sets at festivals and then that awesome energy on stage!' 

Nice! But you have another big highlight right?

'Yes! I came with a female friend to AMF; she had feelings for me when we came to AMF. I didn't have them, but it changed during AMF. I can't say what it was exactly that change, but I saw another side of her during our time at AMF and Amsterdam. So it kicked off there and now we are together and looking for a place here in Copenhagen so we can live together.'

A true AMF love story. We love it! And you told us you are both huge fans of Armin van Buuren. Why is that?

'The thing I like about Armin Van Buuren is that no matter what, he is always smiling; he likes what he is doing on stage and off stage. He is not only the best dj for the last 20 years, as he was named number 1 dj in the world 5 times. He has the most popular radio show in world. He is playing all over the world, the man behind A State Of Trance, and he is also a husband, father for two children and on top of that he has a lawyer education! So you can only love this multi talented man, and yes, of course the music just makes my world better.'

We wish you all the best Michael! As we mentioned, he is an AMF ambassador. Therefore, he is able to earn rewards by selling tickets. Sounds great right? Check it out!

Let's end this interview with a love song of Michaels idol!

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