Indoor event season has already kicked off when AMF is being held. Read these tips and you will be well prepared for an awesome night of partying without any worries!


For all the travellers; you should find yourselves a convenient place to sleep. In best-case scenario, after the party is done, you could walk to your hotel from the venue. Or in some situations crawl back. 👊 

Amsterdam Music Festival at the Amsterdam Arena
#2 Planning is key

Some things you are already able to arrange before you even left your hotel. For example: transportation to and from the event. Check out the website of the local public transport company or write down the number of a taxi company. If you already know you are staying until the end, why not call a taxi in advance. Yeah we know, brilliant stuff right here. 😇

#3 Check your bag

There is always that one friend that wants to borrow everything. Don't be that friend! Let us sum-up a few important things:

- Bring some gum. You don't want the whole Amsterdam Arena to smell your breath right?

- Bring a phone charger! You will be slapping yourself later if you can't Shazam that one epic song. Or what about swiping your first AMF Tinder match? 

-  Bring some clean clothes or just buy some AMF merchandise instead. 

- ID of passport. It doesn't matter if you are the baby face of the group or the heavy bearded one. Just bring it.

- Pocket change. Just in case you want to eat kebab afterwords.

Amsterdam Music Festival at the Amsterdam Arena
#4 Pre party

We know it is fun to start the party, at home or in a bar. However, you must survive the night! So be sure that you don’t pass out at 02.00.😉  You don’t want to miss half of the show. And believe us, you don’t want to miss any second of our show! 🙏

#5 Legendary moves

Okay so this might be the most important one. You can buy a phone charger if you forgot to bring one and you can always call a taxi. But you cannot expect your moves to be instant legendary. Go home right now, turn up the music and practice. This is AMF people!

#6 Party mode

Let's get one thing straight. AMF is madness. People aren't travelling all over the world, just to stand next to someone that is grumpy and that doesn't dance. So you either bring your best mood possible or just man up and dance. 

And of course, some people are just in constant party mode. We salute you!

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