Your main reason to visit Amsterdam in October is AMF (obviously, duh). However, before and after you have showed your legendary dance moves to the rest of the AMF visitors, you and your friends will have time to do some sight seeing. Amsterdam has an ongoing clubbing scene. However, Amsterdam is so much more. Therefore, we are sharing the city’s highlights the upcoming months. With your help!

Yes just a few months left and it is time for Amsterdam Music Festival 2017!

Are you well prepared? We have already shared with you a few useful festival tips. Now it is time to take you on a tour through Amsterdam. This city is so freaking awesome! It just isn’t possible to put all of our tips just in one blog. Luckily, we don’t have to, as we will share tips throughout the following months.


Amsterdam by night
Share your favorites!

It really doesn’t matter, whether you are visiting with your friends, partner or alone. This city has something to offer for everybody. Therefore, we will share with you all our favorite places, areas etc. Restaurants, neighborhoods, coffee places etc.

Although, we know the city better than the back of our hand, we would love to hear about your favorite restaurant, coffee place, street art, museum, or anything else that is worthwhile visiting. So if you have visited AMF or Amsterdam before, and you are thrilled about one or more special places. Please share them via:

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