Supreme who? And forget Gucci, Prada and Versace. AMF merchandise is the next best thing. Let us tell you why! 

Squad goals

Of course you can make your own shirts with things that you and your friends think are funny. But why should you if you can you look epic and handsome in our merchandise. And guys… No girl ever said: look at that guy with that milf hunter t-shirt, I so want him to be my man.  Believe us. Not one.

Likeminded souls

In our search for likeminded souls we found you. Together with you we want to own the night of the 21st of October. How awesome is it if you could recognize other night crawlers during this night? Other people who are ready to party from dusk till dawn. Show the world you are a trooper!

Handy AF

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting outside after a night of partying. You are waiting for a taxi, bus or maybe your friends. It is getting kind of cold. You want to wear a sweater but you want to look cool in the meantime. We have the solution for your problem. Our sweaters, duh!

Research shows you are more awesome

It was our own research. But that doesn’t make it less true. 

Top notch quality

Okay okay, enough with the jokes and the commercial talk. Of course we think our merchandise is awesome. And of course we want you to wear it. Nothing sweeter than an Amsterdam Arena filled with people wearing the same top-notch quality shirts while owning the night. Whatever you think of the shirts, caps or sweaters just know we put our heart into it. We don’t want you to arrive home feeling disappointed after one wash. We got you covered. True story.

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